Haha Teahouse 笑的茶会
Haha Teahouse 笑的茶会

Haha Teahouse 笑的茶会

Let's eat, drink and be merry at 'Haha Teahouse'! Have a sip of tea and munch on some snacks while catching a hilarious crosstalk performance put up by young crosstalk performers. They will keep you entertained with their hilarious routines, and have you burst out into laughter!
Featuring cast such as theatre practitioners Audrey Luo, Sugie Phua, Rennard Ho and members of the National University of Singapore Chinese Society Crosstalk Club.

演出阵容包括舞台剧演员罗宝玲 、潘嗣敬、许照贤以及国大相声社的闾卓然、储皓元、顾乃睿、杨鹤天及杨振全。

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