Everybody loves a good story. Stories can be told in a myriad of ways: through the strokes of a brush, the rhythm of music, the movement of bodies. MILIEU 2019, presented by Frontier Danceland, brings together two exciting choreographers, Marioenrico D'Angelo (Italy) and Sita Ostheimer (Germany), to share their new stories in a mesmerizing double-bill.
In "Skinny Dipping", Marioenrico D'Angelo (Italy) makes his debut for Frontier Danceland, delving into the dichotomy between hesitance and the freedom that comes with letting go. After the successful premiere of Mångata in 2016, Sita Ostheimer (Germany) returns with a second creation for the company "Nowhere but 2.5 meters", a research into the power and limitations of rhythm as a means of communication.
Frontier Danceland is a professional contemporary dance company with almost 30 years of creating and presenting contemporary dance works that engage and challenge audiences all over the world. Led by Artistic Director and 2018 Cultural Medallion recipient Low Mei Yoke, the company has collaborated with both local and international dance-makers, including Christina Chan and Lee Mun Wai from Singapore; Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof and Shahar Binyamini from Israel; Stephanie Lake, Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles from Australia; Sita Ostheimer from Germany; Deborah Nightingale (née Galloway) and Richard Chappell from United Kingdom; Victor Choi- Wo Ma from Hong Kong; Thomas Lebrun, Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet and Edouard Hue  from France; I-Fen Tung from Taiwan; and Sascia Pellegrini and Marioenrico D'Angelo from Italy.

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