The Brothers Circle ⭕
The Brothers Circle ⭕

The Brothers Circle ⭕

My fellow brothers, I know it’s tough dealing with our wounded hearts, I can feel your exhaustion keeping up with expectations and the desire of letting your inner divine child out keeps whispering into your ears. 

Let’s dissolve the taboo around male vulnerability and connect with our hearts, our minds and our souls. I will see you in the circle ️. 

Join Hafeez Hassan as he leads this circle of men embodying their masculinity in a safe and healthy manner through meditation, breathe work and creative movement. 

About the Facilitator

Hafeez Hassan is a movement coach, Dancer and choreographer who has been in the performing arts industry for more than 15 years. Starting out as a street dancer, he has clinched many awards like the Singapore Hip Hop Championship (2005), Esplanade Dans Festival’s Overdrive (2006), MediaCorp’s The DANCE FLOOR to name a few. With his passion in performing, Hafeez began to explore more genres such as clowning, physical theatre, miming, contact improvisation, classical Indian dance, Silat and more. His openness towards the performing arts has led him to perform in various platforms such as musical theatre, physical theatre, immersive dining theatre, corporate launch events, concerts and many more. Being in the arts has inspired Hafeez to be a better person and especially a better man. He is currently leading “The Brothers Circle”, a safe space for men to express themselves authentically. 

About Healing Arts Sessions

Healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, and growth. The Festival House will be offering a series of artist-led workshops that cultivate mindful practices, creating pathways for participants to re-connect with their body and self as a form of care.

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