Impossible Conversation on Trust
Impossible Conversation on Trust

Impossible Conversation on Trust

How can we trust? Was there a moment that you just needed to trust someone or something whatever the outcome?

During an Impossible Conversation you enter into conversation with each other based on personal experiences related to a challenging topic. The different perspectives present in the group come together during the conversation. Impossible Conversation is inspired by a Jesuit method in which you slow down and connect personal images by writing, reading, and speaking together. 
This conversation is part of a series of Impossible Conversations with topics relating to the exceptional times we are in: 

  • Care 
  • Risk 
  • Obedience 
  • Trust

About Building Conversation

The way we talk to each other influences the future we shall build together.  

Building Conversation explores innovative ways to engage in thought-provoking topics through the power of interactive art and performance as well as other creative social endeavors.  

These artistically driven shared experiences are designed to spark creativity, inspire openness, and foster a more conscious line of communication, helping us gain revelatory insights into how we can positively impact the constructs of social interaction.   

By unlearning and challenging what convention has taught us about the art of conversation, we afford ourselves more room for self-reflection and original thought, hereby granting ourselves the freedom to conceive our own novel means of communication. 

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