Therapeutic Sound Bath​
Therapeutic Sound Bath​

Therapeutic Sound Bath​

The sound of the singing bowls has unique qualities that bring our minds to a state of relaxation similar to meditation. At the same time, the vibrations from the deep sound of the singing bowls soothe and relax the body. It is an effortless and enjoyable way to release our physical, mental, and emotional tensions. 

This singing bowls sound bath session isn’t religious, it is simple and enjoyable. It doesn’t require the participant to do anything. The result is tangible; a majority of our participants feel well-rested and fresh after the session. It is for anyone who experiences stress and a lack of quality rest. 
What happens in a Singing Bowl Session? 

The best way to enjoy a singing bowl session is to lay down or take up any position that is the most relaxing to the participant. The singing bowl practitioner will give a short introduction about the singing bowls, then guide the participants into position before starting to play the singing bowls. When it is finished, the practitioner will facilitate a short Q&A session to address any queries from participants.  

About the Facilitator

Christina Shiu

Christina Shiu, the founder of The Singing Bowl Gallery in Singapore, is a Singing Bowl practitioner. She is passionate about promoting the singing bowl as a simple and effective tool to bring back peace and balance to people’s life. Christina’s learnings and teachings are rooted in the original lineage from world-renowned Singing Bowl Master teachers, Santa Shakya and Shree Shahi. Christina has been consistently offering sound bath meditation sessions and Singing Bowl Workshop monthly for the past 7 years. Many of her students are now offering singing bowl events in major yoga studios and wellness centres. She has also been invited to train spa practitioners in luxurious hotels in the region and performed in opening ceremonies of regional events. She also conducts wellness sessions with the singing bowls for corporations and government agencies in Singapore. Together with her team, Christina continues to serve the community with her fine selection of singing bowls and weekly meditation and wellness programs at The Singing Bowl Gallery, Singapore. 


The Fullmoon Singing Bowls 

The Fullmoon Singing Bowl made under the direct light of a full moon only once every month is the most exquisite and extraordinary bowl that has ever been crafted in the world. It is a revolutionary masterpiece created by the Singing Bowl Maestro Santa Shakya from Nepal. He invented the Fullmoon Singing Bowl after many years of refining the skills handed down by his forefathers and conducting numerous experiments at his own foundry in Nepal. 
In this session, Christina will play 12 pieces of the Fullmoon Singing Bowls. 

About Healing Arts Sessions

Healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, and growth. The Festival House will be offering a series of artist-led workshops that cultivate mindful practices, creating pathways for participants to re-connect with their body and self as a form of care.

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