Ghosts of Yesteryear
Ghosts of Yesteryear

Ghosts of Yesteryear

Life brings trials and painful challenges that can profoundly shape who we become. This introspective programme sets you on a journey of reflection, realisation and redemption. Featuring works by David T, Little and Philip Glass, Morse Percussion invites to reframe your perspective on humanity, suffering and the journey to recovery and restoration.  

David T. Little – Haunt of Last Nightfall (for percussion quartet and electronics) 

Act One: 
I. Curtain, El Mozote 
II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil 
III. Last Nightfall 
IV. Line Up / Face Down 
V. Coda: And there was evening…

Act Two: 
VI. …and there was morning – the Second Day- 
VII. Smoldering Hymn 
VIII. Prayer (for No. 59) 
IX. Postlude: The Girl on La Cruz

Philip Glass – Aguas de Amazonia (for percussion quartet)

1. Madeira River 
2. Xingu River 
3. Japura River 
4. Amazon River

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