Nature of Daylight
Nature of Daylight

Nature of Daylight

Nature of Daylight takes flight from Max Richter’s beautiful meditation on war as a starting point to explore music that moves us and deepens our connection to the soulfulness of the world. Journey through Gustav Mahler’s symphony about a child’s vision of heaven; marvel at the earthly nature of Claude Debussy’s striking portrait of the sea; and admire Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s sublime pairing of two pastoral instruments in an exquisite and charming concerto for flute and harp.


Max Richter: On The Nature of Daylight 

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No.4 , 3rd Movement  
(arr. Klaus Simon) 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Concerto for Flute and Harp, 2nd Movement 

Claude Debussy: La Mer1st Movement 
(arr.Marlijn Helder) 

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