Healing Rhapsody 回疫录
Healing Rhapsody 回疫录

Healing Rhapsody 回疫录

Our collective battle over the past year has led many of us on a journey of reflection, realisation and even inspiration.  This concert is a personal meditation and a work of collective memory, expressing the group’s heartfelt wishes for the world, including a message to Mother Nature and a blessing for humanity.  

This concert will be conducted by Ding Yi’s principal conductor Quek Ling Kiong.




Isskimmer 《冰景静心怡》 – Joyce Koh

Memory 《忆》 – Benjamin Lim Yi

Zen Thoughts 《禅思》 – Chow Jun Yi

Compassion 《慈问》– Luo Mai Shuo (Commissioned for this performance) 

Bohdi 《菩提》  Wan Yun Fei

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