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Join us for a series of somatic interventions with the dance performance company P7:1SMA, organised in conjunction with the exhibition, Lonely Vectors. As part of Lonely Vectors, P7:1SMA are presenting a work titled Loading/Unloading, which responds to the exhibition’s proximity to the Tanjong Pagar port. To embody the movement and rhythms of the port’s megastructures, P7:1SMA’s associates will disassemble and reassemble their structural installation in the gallery. By balancing on, stepping over or moving these modular structures, the structure will gradually flatten and lose elasticity over the course of the exhibition. Each performance is an integral facet of Loading/Unloading and calls for recognition of the workers that prop up the port’s complex systems.

Choreographer and Performer: Norhaizad Adam
Associates and Performers: Adi Aiyad, Sonia Kwek, Valerie Lim

Writer-in-residence: Corrie Tan
Sound design: Chong Li-Chuan
Video production: (paraphrase)

Set design: Tay Ining
Prop Fabricators: Ada Adhiyatma, Biswas Biswajit, Liu Guanfang, Chnchl Mohammad

Project Managers: Hasyimah Harith, Md. Hariz Bakri

About the artist
P7:1SMA is a dance performance company that endeavours to shift perspectives on Malay cultural identity through intimate and innovative performance experiences. P7:1SMA’s Artistic Director, Norhaizad Adam, is a Malay dancer, dance artist and performance maker. His practice explores morality and behaviourism in the contexts of post-colonialism and socio-political change, and reimagines the Malay folk form as a strategy to navigate society’s systemic structures and stereotypes. He has presented works at the Venice International Performance Art Week; Mapping Melbourne; Asia Discovers Asia Meeting, Taipei; Paris Summer Academy; ImPulsTanz, Vienna; and NuArt Sculpture Park, Bandung; among others. In 2021, he was conferred the National Arts Council Singapore Young Artist Award.

Hero Banner: Image courtesy of the artist

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