SEA STATE 9: proclamation garden | Botanical Tour and Book Launch

SEA STATE 9: proclamation garden | Botanical Tour and Book Launch

SEA STATE 9: alfian proclaims the garden. 2019. C-print on paper.


Join artist Charles Lim Yi Yong, National Gallery Singapore Senior Curator Adele Tan and botanical consultant Boo Chih Min on this breakfast tour of SEA STATE 9: proclamation garden, the latest Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission.

SEA STATE 9: proclamation garden is Lim's first extensive foray into re-designing a physical space for his work. Visitors will encounter over 30 lesser-known plant species that thrive in reclaimed areas around Singapore, including Changi, Tuas and the Southern Islands. The title of this living art installation references the proclamations made by the Presidents of Singapore under the Foreshores Act that dates to 1872, in which sites reclaimed from the sea are officially declared as state lands.

For Lim, each proclamation sets in motion a chain of developmental changes that can quickly obscure other types of life, activities, knowledge and histories forming at the margins of Singapore, which are indexed by the plants found there and in turn generate their own narratives.

Through this tour with botanist Boo Chih Min, who is a consultant for the installation, explore key plant specimens that feature in the artwork. Discover lesser known histories of land reclamation in Singapore and learn about the vital role of these plants and the environment in the process. You can also get your copy of the new exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.

Meet at the nursery area on the deck of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden.

Light refreshments will be served from 10am. 

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