Amazing Race by PLAY! (Resonates With Residency)
Amazing Race by PLAY! (Resonates With Residency)

Amazing Race by PLAY! (Resonates With Residency)

In our next Resonates With Residency workshop, Chew Shaw En—one third of the Resident Artist collective PLAY!—will lead families in a fun-filled amazing race around the Gallery! Inspired by the fantastical worlds depicted in Superstar by Jeremy Sharma, participants will adventure to different parts of the Gallery to solve problems and find clues. At the end they will come together to share their discoveries in an act of collective world-building.

This workshop is for families. Children aged 12 and under will require the accompaniment of an adult aged 18 or over. Unaccompanied children will not be allowed to participate in the workshop.

About Resonates With Residency

The Resonates With Residency is a three-month programme that invites local artists to respond to works and themes from the Gallery’s long-term and special exhibitions. Each Resident Artist will explore a theme—inspired by an ongoing exhibition— through a series of performances, public workshops, and online content. With interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international collaboration at its core, the Resonates With Residency aims to establish deep and meaningful connections between artists, audiences, and art from Singapore and the region.

In the first Resonates With Residency, the artist collective PLAY! takes inspiration from the Gallery Children’s Biennale to uncover the many ways in which the young and young at heart access their feelings, desires and needs. Through a series of performances and workshops involving music, dance, multimedia and video art, Chew Shaw En, Clare Chong, Moira Loh, and other guest artists will explore what it means to nourish and feed the child within and to stay curious about the world around us.

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