Specialty Modules

Specialty Modules

Firing and Kiln Operations

16 Feb, 20 Apr, 15 Jun, 17 Aug, 19 Oct, 7 Dec

Workshop Cost:
$68 or 1 class credit for 2 hours
Firing clay is the most critical part of the ceramic process. Electric kiln firing is one of the most common methods for firing clay because electric pottery kilns are readily available and simple to install. In this advanced course you will learn about: 
- Kiln Types and firing
- Cones and firing cycles
- Effects of Heat on clay
- Basic Kiln furniture
- Setting programmes
- Adjusting your firing for success
Book here: https://bookeo.com/goodmanceramics?type=232FJM67C161084E3553
Using Lustres
7 Apr, 7 Jul, 6 Oct
Workshop Cost: $136 or 2 class credits for 2 hours
When your ceramic project needs that final fancy touch, consider adding a lustre over-glaze to add a touch of class and luxury to your work. Learn how to:
- Prepare the lustres
- Application techniques
Package includes:
- Glaze firing for 2 pieces
- 2 grams of gold or platinum
Please bring: 2 pieces of palm sized works
Book here: https://bookeo.com/goodmanceramics?type=23247MTMY16208D59E6D
Making A Press Mould
Dates: 9 Feb, 13 Apr, 8 Jun, 10 Aug, 12 Oct, 14 Dec
Workshop Cost: $136 or 2 class credits for 3 hours
Artists often use moulds to produce the same ceramic pieces again and again. In this session, learn how to make a one-piece press mould to enable you to produce exact pieces at the shortest time with the least effort. You will learn:
- How to select an ideal piece for reproduction and preparing the clay or object
- The properties of plaster
- Making the plaster ‘box’
- Mixing and pouring plaster
Please bring: An object with a flat bottom or hand built piece
Book here: https://bookeo.com/goodmanceramics?type=2323MYXKF168281D6AC3

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