My First Mug

My First Mug

Workshop cost: $55 for 2 hours
Imagine sitting back on your favourite chair, sipping your favourite drink out of a mug that you made. Yes, a mug you made!
Create a unique eye catching design that expresses your personality and style, as well as being a usable mug. We will provide a pre-formed cylinder and guidance; the rest is up to you and your imagination.
Our experienced ceramicists will provide any help you want along the way. Be inspired by the inspiring artwork scattered throughout our studio. This amazing experience may be the beginning of a fulfilling adventure in clay.
For speedy hands, you can opt to make another mug at $30 only.
This programme can also be customised for kids and elderly. Children above 12 years and above may participate as well.
For enquiries, email or call 6346 6351 or 9726 5210

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