Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2020
Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2020

Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2020

Launched in 2016, Dreamseeds Arts Fest (DSAF) is an annual multi-disciplinary arts festival proudly headlined by Club Rainbow (Singapore) (CRS) beneficiaries; children and youths with chronic illnesses.

This 5th edition festival programme responds to the theme – Prism of Imagination, exploring how our budding artists draw inspiration from their surroundings, personal and shared stories, as well as with the world at large. We hope to replace preconceived notions with wonderful explosions of imagination, dreams, and enthusiasm, where boundaries can be unlocked.

For the first time, Dreamseeds Arts Fest moves online with a virtual art exhibition and streamed performances. So sit back and be entertained at what we have to offer at the comfort of your home!

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