Visual Arts at Esplanade
Visual Arts at Esplanade

Visual Arts at Esplanade

Across four exhibitions situated around Esplanade, discover the works of Singaporean artists Ho Ho Ying, Yeo Shih Yun and Fiona Seow, alongside Indonesian artist Mulyana. These exhibitions are undergirded by the artists’ explorations of mediums and materiality, intersecting transmedia exchanges and adopting distinctive approaches to artmaking. The exhibitions delve into the complexities of subjective experiences and examine how human activity shapes and impacts communities and environments.

A solo exhibition by pioneering abstract artist Ho Ho Ying at Jendela (Visual Arts Space) endeavours to surface the connections between his art and writing, spotlighting his unrelenting search for expressive and inventive techniques. At the Esplanade Tunnel, Yeo Shih Yun presents the commissioned work Chance Encounters《偶然》, which is fuelled by random occurrences and spontaneous gestures that embrace the incidental.

Mulyana’s installation Diver(sea)ty was conceived in response to the current pandemic. By transforming the Esplanade Concourse into an underwater world, he interrogates the importance of embracing diversity and fostering mutual respect in a time of great precarity. In Order by Fiona Seow at the Esplanade Community Wall unfurls through drawings and sculptures that explore the concepts of cyclical and linear time, which are informed by notions of everyday life, stability and routine.

Ho Ho Ying, Gallop 奔, 1977. Image courtesy of the artist.

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