Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet
Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet

Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet


8 Oct (Fri) - 8 Oct (Fri)

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Friday, 09:00 - 09:00


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During the Stony Gardener’s 100-year slumber, Precious Planet, our home, slowly became grey. The Pleasant Pond dried up, the Majestic Mangrove withered away, and the Frolicking Field became a dusty desert. We need YOU to wake the Stony Gardener up and bring life and colour back to Precious Planet! The secret to tackling this massive mission? Your two enchanted stones.

Video Bon-Bon: Precious Planet is a rewarding digital journey of sights, sounds, music, dance, and touch. Bring our Precious Planet back to life!

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