Songwriting for Hope
Songwriting for Hope

Songwriting for Hope

Songwriting for Hopeis one of Esplanade’s ongoing community engagement programmes that harnesses the power of songwriting to provide a safe and empathetic outlet for reflection, expression and healing. The programme enables vulnerable youths to express their life stories, emotions, hopes and dreams through songs. Since 2016, Esplanade has been working with residents from Singapore Girls’ Home, where participants learn songwriting techniques to communicate difficult thoughts and emotions, as well as share their personal stories in a supportive environment.

In this exhibition, posters featuring the lyrics written by selected programme participants line the walls of the Esplanade Tunnel. These posters are created by Diamonds On The Street, an arts collective that collaborates with individuals and communities to turn wounded histories into stories of hope, as part of the programme. They are displayed alongside a selection of videos that surface the girls’ thoughts and reflections, document their process of creation, and bring attention to the vital role that the volunteers play in providing systems of support during this process of rehabilitation. Capturing the spirit of the programme, the materials presented underscore the importance of building connection, care and inclusion.

Experience original songs and stories by youths from Singapore Girls’ Home through a performance by Crystal Goh and weish as part of Red Dot August here:

Songwriting for Hope Showcase – Crystal Goh & weish (Singapore)

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