Rasas 2020: Tari Melayu
Rasas 2020: Tari Melayu

Rasas 2020: Tari Melayu


15 Oct (Thu) - 15 Oct (Thu)
15 Oct (Thu) - 31 Oct (Sat)
31 Oct (Sat) - 31 Oct (Sat)

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Thursday, 20:00 - 20:00




Saturday, 23:59 - 23:59


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Sri Warisan presents Tari Melayu, a collection of choreographic works that builds on Serampang 12 – a North Sumatran duet about young love.

Created in the 1940s by Guru Sauti, a dance pioneer from North Sumatra, the philosophical narratives and refined techniques found in these choreographic works represent the customs and elegance of Malay culture. Incorporating traditional dance forms such as Asli, Inang and Joget, these works are regarded as the foundational styles for traditional Malay dance practitioners.

Tari Melayu is an adaptation of 9 Rangkaian Tari Melayu, which was last presented at Pentas 2017.

Discover the rich culture of Asia’s traditional dances with Rasas. This edition is special as we work with artists from Singapore as well as Singapore-based Southeast Asian communities. Journey to royal courts and ancient temples to unearth the stories, myths and legends that are inseparably linked to the performing arts of this region.

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