[LIVESTREAM] Paper Paravai
[LIVESTREAM] Paper Paravai

[LIVESTREAM] Paper Paravai


29 Aug (Sun) - 29 Aug (Sun)
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What is the journey that a migrant worker takes to come to Singapore for a living, for a new lease of life? And what is the paper trail he leaves behind from India to Singapore? Like a bird who dreams of the sky but is held back by its cage, the Indian migrant worker is compelled to stay in the margins even as he works hard for the country he is bound to, while yearning for his family far away. This is Paper Paravai.

Through a specially curated installation and a performance with live music accompaniment, explore the emotional and aspirational journey of Indian migrant workers; a minority within a minority community whose stories and contributions often go unheard. Based on true stories gathered from interviews with tailors from Tekka Centre, Brown Voices celebrates and honours the contributions of the migrant workers who have helped hand in hand to build a world class nation.

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