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Esplanade. Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

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ON/OFF looks at how social media constructs the presence and absence of personal expression for the individual. It investigates the power of virtual platforms in influencing social interactions and our understanding of self. The exhibition title connotes a sense of action like when sound is switched on and off, a reference to how social media moderates which voices are heard and those which remain silent. Leow continues his exploration and adoption of conceptual and performative strategies in this enveloping installation that amalgamates painting, drawing and sculpture.

In three sets of works, he responds to real-life situations played out on social media platforms and imagines the emotional and physiological impact they have on the individual. Through a layering of word and image, Leow creates scenes where narrative and intent are kept ambiguous. A terrain of gravel and embedded rocks further activates the gallery and modulates how visitors navigate the space. The installation alludes to our complicity in the push-and-pull on social media, where we are both spectator and the spectated.

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