Music Projected: Skeleton and other works
Music Projected: Skeleton and other works

Music Projected: Skeleton and other works


20 Sep (Mon) - 20 Sep (Mon)

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Monday, 18:45 - 18:45, 19:45 - 19:45


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See contemporary classical music in a new light through an amalgamation of live and prepared performances, complete with animated visual projections. The set will feature works by Joseph Pereira, Missy Mazzoli, and includes the premiere of Skeleton for violin, percussion and electronics, composed by Chong Heng Li and Joan Tan Jing Wen.

A delicate multi-media work, Skeleton explores the human condition through the themes of identity and insecurity. Mixed media visuals, including illustrations, animations, and videography, overlap to form a collage of experience and emotion. Subtle gradations and shifts in affect are finely rendered through visual and auditory textures. Skeleton is a tender and exquisite excavation of these layers of experience that define the human condition—gentle in its portrayal of hubris and rejection, and at times playful and humorous in its portrayal of the difficult lessons that life will teach.

Led by producer and performer Elicia Neo, Skeleton features animations and graphics by Kimberlyn Kiew, Kaiyi Aw and Alicia Kong, as well as sound by Ng Hui Ying.

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