KHAYAL: A Lyrical Sea of Migration and Imagination
KHAYAL: A Lyrical Sea of Migration and Imagination

KHAYAL: A Lyrical Sea of Migration and Imagination


5 Sep (Sun) - 5 Sep (Sun)
7 Oct (Thu) - 7 Oct (Thu)

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Thursday, 23:59 - 23:59, 17:45 - 17:45, 18:45 - 18:45, 19:45 - 19:45


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KHAYAL: A Lyrical Sea of Migration and Imagination strings the landscapes of brave new worlds, mapping the crossings between the departed and the arrived. These terrains celebrate the liminal spaces where remembering and imagination converge. KHAYAL presents an exchange of mediums and languages across different origins, a site where the ‘other’ comes together.

The word “khayal”, rooted in the Arabic/Persian language through way of migration to Bengali and Malay vernacular, means to conjure an imagination, a slumber or daydream of sorts, to be entranced by meditation. The term also refers to a major form of Hindustani classical music in the Indian subcontinent.

The exchange will take place between voices and soundscapes of the local Malay community and the migrant writers community. Through this poetic overture, a commonality of hijrah, longing and romanticising of cities emerges.

Through poetry and melody, the pilgrim poets gather under the light of divine introspection on stage, honouring different worlds coming together bound by the sacredness of existential reflection.

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