Keluarga Besar En. Karim (The Karims)
Keluarga Besar En. Karim (The Karims)

Keluarga Besar En. Karim (The Karims)


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Meet Keluarga Besar En. Karim (The Karims). All living in the same HDB flat are Encik Karim, his wife Normah, and his two daughters, Rinny and Balqis. But when new son-in-law Aqil moves in, the shifting dynamics re-open old wounds and surface new tensions. With Encik Karim determined to remain the centre of his newly-expanded household, how far is each of them willing to compromise for the sake of family?

Written with wit and affection, playwright Adib Kosnan offers an intimate and strikingly recognisable look at family, in all its joys and messiness. Between the sotong hitam dinners, spontaneous heart-to-heart chats, and monthly family gatherings, the Karims learn to navigate the rituals and traditions that hold them together. With a bit of rewang1 from all sides, the Karims have to find a way to come into their own without growing apart.

1rewang – a collaborative effort involving the community.

Learning Objectives

  • List and examine the gender roles in Encik Karim’s family
  • Identify and compare the differences in culture and tradition in the traditional and modern family
  • Examine and reflect on the dynamics of intergenerational relation

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