Journey to the West: The Tongtian River
Journey to the West: The Tongtian River

Journey to the West: The Tongtian River


17 Sep (Fri) - 17 Sep (Fri)

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Friday, 15:00 - 15:00


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An excerpt taken from the classic and well-loved novel, Journey to the West, this performance of The Tongtian River showcases the uniqueness of Taiwanese Hand Puppetry. With dynamic pacing and hilarious punchlines, this classic tale has been given a modern spin that is rich in artistry and full of fun. Enjoy this traditional hand puppetry performance in the comfort of your own home. 

Plot Outline

As Sanzang and his three disciples make their way to the West, they pass by a village on the bank of the River of Heaven. They learn of a fish demon who demands unquestioned obedience and loves to feast on young boys and girls. The villagers have to sacrifice their children as offerings each year, lest the powerful and arrogant demon send huge waves to destroy their homes. Upon hearing of their plight, the four subdue the demon and free the villagers from their agony. With that, Sanzang and his disciples rise to become heroes among the villagers.

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