In The Mood
In The Mood

In The Mood

Frontier Danceland company artists and PULSE Programme scholars share the stage for three dance creations that invite a connection to our senses and imaginations, while taking stock of the environment.

In questioning the need to belong to a micro-group, Into Outside by Edouard Hue (France/Switzerland) explores the changes in character and behaviour induced by community life, as well as the place and role of everyone and its unique value within the group.

Remember when… by Sammantha Yue investigates the relational aspects between the communication of words and the body, in particular the exchange of words in a dialogue, intentions and notions that lie behind.

Drawing inspiration from motus avium, the Latin term for movement of birds—derived from the mystery of how these flying creatures maintain their soothing balance, precision and mesmerising forms—AviuMotusby by Mark Robles (Philippines) is a mimicry of the birds’ instinctive discipline and an exploration of their exquisite formations and life.

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