In passage; In time
In passage; In time

In passage; In time


18 Sep (Sat) - 18 Sep (Sat)
3 Oct (Sun) - 3 Oct (Sun)

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Sunday, 23:59 - 23:59, 19:00 - 19:00, 20:30 - 20:30


Live at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Also available online. Help Esplanade uplift spirits through the arts It is especially in these uncertain times that the arts can comfort, provide perspective and lift spirits. If you can, please help us to do more to bring the joy of the arts to everyone at home. HERE'S HOW


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In passage; In time is a double bill dance performance choreographed by established dancers Xiao Jing and Li Ruimin. Performed by dancers from Elements Dance Arts, the two pieces explore emotions, ideas, and textures, as well as invite the audience to appreciate when life has seemingly come to a pause.

Seasons by Xiao Jing
Winter passes with chilling winds. Spring breaks and eases the land. Summer pulses like a fever.
How do we live as each moment flows?
And now, in autumn – the sun paints to a gilded shine, and the moon brings us light deep in the quietest of nights.

The Sunset Glow Radiates by Li Ruimin
Vibrant at its peak and blooms at the end. Each moment holds its value, each moment is relative, keeping close to heart where we choose to be.

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