Footwork Fun-sized: #dans2themax challenge
Footwork Fun-sized: #dans2themax challenge

Footwork Fun-sized: #dans2themax challenge


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Get your body moving and be inspired by dance artists from around the world. We may not able to gather like we used to, but you can still take part in the #dans2themax challenge and move with us!

Choreographed by Taryn Cheng who performed with GRV at Full Out! 2019, this Footwork Fun-sized tutorial will teach you the moves while adding your own spin to them.

Take up the challenge by sharing your videos on TikTok and Instagram! Get your friends and family to join in the fun too! Don’t forget to set your profile to public and remember to tag @esplanadesg (TikTok) or @esplanadesingapore (Instagram) and include the hashtags #esplanade #mydurian #dansfestival #dans2themax. 

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