Finding What’s Next
Finding What’s Next

Finding What’s Next

“What’s next?” This question is often thrown around in the special needs community and highlights the challenging circumstances surrounding autistic children who leave the sanctuary of special education schools the moment they turn 18 years old. Faced with few options, like costly day-activity centres or staying at home, this stark social isolation and lack of a national support system is likened to a cliff, where caregivers of autistic adults are often left on their own to find a better outcome.

Through a series of photographs, videos and personal effects, Finding What’s Next presents the search for a future through the stories of 12 individuals and their families, gathered by three parent-advocates of autistic children. The process involved interviews with fellow parents and sheds light on the daily lives and societal challenges that autistic adults face.

Lee hopes this project can be a bridge to encourage greater understanding of and empathy with those with autism and their caregivers. By showing what is frequently hidden, he hopes to galvanise fellow parents to be courageous with their efforts in connecting with the community and inspire more people to care and take action.

The stories featured in this exhibition are written by Lim Hwee Hwee and Sun Meilan.

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