Esplanade’s Food Diary
Esplanade’s Food Diary

Esplanade’s Food Diary

Food is essential to life, a necessity that provides nourishment and sustenance. It can also convey tradition and culture as well as the stories and values of those who created it. Cuisines and dishes constantly evolve and mirror the times, environments and cultures they are situated in. Whether the meals are prepared and consumed alone or with company, these are experiences that we can all identify with.

With the implementation of stay-home measures in Singapore in response to the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, the kitchen became a new focal point for day-to-day activities. Many began cooking and experimenting with new recipes both out of necessity and as a means of expressing their creativity while passing time. Esplanade’s Food Diary presents some of the original recipes and dishes that were created by the arts centre’s staff during this period. The exhibition showcases a diversity of cuisines while celebrating the spirit of creativity behind these tasty endeavours. 

It may be that the rituals of preparing and partaking in meals allow us to stay connected and find comfort during these extraordinary times. The ways we cook and consume food not only embodies some of our most important shared experiences but also invites discussions on community, identity and how we relate to one another.

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