Cineda:ns – Body-Buildings (2021)
Cineda:ns – Body-Buildings (2021)

Cineda:ns – Body-Buildings (2021)


15 Oct (Fri) - 15 Oct (Fri)

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Friday, 20:30 - 20:30


BUY TICKETS Priority Booking for Esplanade&Me members 19 Aug 2021, Thu, 9am Public Booking 20 Aug 2021, Fri, 9am onwards $15 Limited concessions for students, NSFs and seniors: $12 Package of 4: $50 Applicable across all Cineda:ns films (Being Jérôme Bel, Hybrid Motion & Body-Buildings) BUY PACKAGE Esplanade&Me Specials Black & White: 15% savings Discover: 10% savings (limited tickets) Not a member? Great arts experiences start with Esplanade&Me Discover, a free membership for everyone. Sign up More details +


Esplanade. Esplanade Theatre Studio


Director: Henrique Pina

Dance Artists: Tânia Carvalho, Vera Mantero, Victor Hugo Pontes, Jonas&Lander, Olga Roriz, Paulo Ribeiro (Choreographers), Vítor Hugo Afonso, Diogo Almeida, Luiz Antunes, Inês Campos (Performers)

Six choreographies for six architectural works at six locations around Portugal. Future memories are drawn in Body-Buildings, a series of shorts which brings together dance, architecture and cinema, merging identities and concepts.


Curated by Cinemovement

Creative encounters, artistic identities and intimate gestures intertwine in Cineda:ns with three evenings of dance films curated by Cinemovement. This year, da:ns festival 2021 presents international films which range from choreographer documentaries to meditations on the creative possibilities generated by dance made for screen.

Our first evening’s self-reflexive dance documentary on French enfant terrible Jérôme Bel by Sima Khatami and Aldo Lee embraces contradiction, giving us an intimate view of the artistic process and discourse of collaboration between the filmmakers and a choreographer notorious for resisting direction.

The second evening sees Hybrid Motion, a dance-themed anthology of four short films, presenting a lush illustration of intimate dialogues between Hong Kong and Singaporean film- and dancemakers attempting to redefine the boundaries of their respective practices. Including Singapore’s very own Aaron Khek Ah-hock, Ix Wong Thien-pau, and Liao Jiekai.

Finally, lovers of architecture will be transported in Henrique Pina’s Body-Buildings, a site specific collaboration with six choreographers that recontextualises six iconic Portuguese buildings within the lexicon of movement more familiar to dance.

These innovative works of different forms and methods of construction allow us to look at familiar genres with fresh eyes, exploring new possibilities for how dance and film may intersect in da:ns festival 2021.

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