Big Time

Big Time

There are many expressions that revolve around time—she was ahead of her time; he was behind time; you were having the time of your life while I was having a whale of a time; at this point in time; I have some time to kill; and it’s about time we hit the big time.

In this exhibition, Joshua Yang investigates time and the different dimensions of the passing and returning of time. This work challenges the conventional perception that we experience time in a linear fashion and shifts the emphasis towards the volume of time and its “bigness” instead. Not only can time be measured in terms of its length or duration, it can also occupy space.

Big Time is inspired by mortality, immortality, the temporal and the eternal. Yang’s drawings are based on the idea of inverting a circle, which is a motif that expresses cyclical time while still conveying linearity. The anamorphic drawings require viewers to navigate their way through the exhibition to discover the vantage point where the images would come together. Completing the installation is a sound piece by jazz musician Chua Kim Chye simulating the movement of a pendulum swinging through the Esplanade Tunnel and the narration of poems written by artist-writer Susie Lingham. Experienced in its totality, the installation challenges us to see the unfolding of time and the passing of seasons in our lives in new ways. 

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