Athma Ghanam – Music for the Soul
Athma Ghanam – Music for the Soul

Athma Ghanam – Music for the Soul


28 Nov (Sun) - 28 Nov (Sun)

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Sunday, 15:00 - 15:00, 19:00 - 19:00


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Music can awaken the soul. It is one of the oldest forms of spiritual medicine known to humanity. Soulful music has the power to lift us out of depression or move us to tears. It is a profound expression of humanity, and touches our very core, regardless of culture or creed.

The Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (SIOC) are proud to bring Athma Ghanam – Music for the soul to the stage, an evening of music in all its forms rendered through a myriad of rhythm, melodies and harmonies. The SIOC marks its 36th year with this diverse showcase of musical pieces to form a special repertoire that aims to rejuvenate with the healing energy of music. Compositions from all over the world, ranging from Indian classical ragas to contemporary world music, are presented alongside a melodious choir as well as captivating visual elements. This amalgamation of creative mediums creates expressions that can enhance healing and empowerment. Athma Ghanam is a contribution from the SIOC to connect, move and inspire everyone during these challenging times.

Our heartbeat is the rhythm, our voice is the melody that resonates as we speak, our health is the harmony of the body and mind, our breath is the silence between the notes. In the words of George Leonard, “We do not make music. Music makes us.”

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