Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens [G]
Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens [G]

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens [G]


22 Dec (Tue) - 2 Jan (Sat)

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Monday, 04:00 - 20:00

Tuesday, 04:00 - 20:00

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A murderer is among us.
And everyone is sus.

A Whitehorse army recruit murdered.

His fellow recruit gone AWOL and found dead subsequently.

And their officer-in-charge discharged from service.

After months of investigation, no one was getting closer to the truth.

Until now.

This high profile Mandai case has been making headline news, stirring up controversy, debate and national inquiry.

The Minister has launched a public inquiry and the CID is now reopening the case.

Led by CID Officer (Fly Artiste, Benjamin Kheng) who reopens the Mandai case, you are invited to pore over the evidence collected by the Provost Unit in this innovative and genre-defying gameplay experience. Meander through the spine-chilling narrative as you navigate the crime scene, find additional evidence and if you’re lucky, encounter the fabled Pontianak who is mysteriously linked to the case to solve the case.

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens is Asia’s first virtual horror-mystery escape room with live-action gameplay, augmented with 360 degrees views, immersive surround sound and choose your own adventure theatrical experience not to be missed!

Written & Directed by
Chong Tze Chien

Benjamin Kheng (Fly Entertainment Artiste)
Erwin Shah Ismail
Bright Ong
Irsyad Dawood
Ronald Goh
Jo Kwek

Creative Technologist
Adrian Oliveiro (Xctuality)

Spatial Audio Technology
Stereoimage Studios

Creative Tech Solution
The Future Stage

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