Handmade Heartmade: A Community Sensory Mat Sewing Art Project

Handmade Heartmade: A Community Sensory Mat Sewing Art Project

“Handmade Heartmade” features over 180 unique sensory mats, lovingly hand-sewn by the community for persons with dementia. The colourful and interactive works of art were selected from over 700 mats contributed to the community sewing project facilitated by Singaporean artist, Catherine Chong. Participants from all walks of life, from sewing enthusiasts to students, staff, individuals and even seniors with dementia came together to create these masterpieces of love. Made from an array of fabrics, textures and different sensorial objects, these sensory mats provide a stimulating and relaxing activity for persons with dementia and have been shown to help reduce agitation and restlessness. The mats are also suitable for persons with autism.

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