Fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, an immersive, playful and interactive exhibition for all ages, celebrating Lewis Carroll\'s timeless tale of Alice\'s adventures. This one-of-a-kind exhibition follows Alice\'s journey through popular culture and invites you to take a trip through the looking glass into an enchanted world where expectations are upended and curiosity is rewarded. Using theatrical sets, bold, interactive environments, eye-catching props and amazing audiovisual artworks, Wonderland spectacularly conjures up the surprising and magical world of Alice and her adventures! Discover how artists and filmmakers have portrayed Alice and her story for over a century. Since her first appearance on the page in 1865, Alice has delighted audiences in more than 40 films and over 30 television programmes, and has become a subcultural icon through her presence in music videos, video games, high fashion, advertising and more. Drawing together a remarkable selection of original behind-the-scenes material, Wonderland includes over 300 artefacts and objects including first edition books, drawings, original costumes, films, magic lantern projectors, animation and puppetry. Developed by Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), this ground-breaking exhibition makes the first stop of its global tour at ArtScience Museum. The Lost Map of Wonderland The Lost Map of Wonderland plays an integral part in your Wonderland experience. Unlock surprising experiences during your exhibition journey and beyond! Once you enter the exhibition you\'ll get to choose one of four map characters – the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, the Queen or the Mad Hatter – and from there begin your adventures in Wonderland uncovering more stories as you go. The adventure continues after you leave the exhibition! Unlock a new world of content and behind-the-scenes material by entering the special code found on your map on a secret website that will be launched very soon. There is even a riddle to be solved!

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