Living with Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor
Living with Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor

Living with Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor


8 Nov (Fri) - 22 Mar (Sun)

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Asian Civilisations Museum

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Living with Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor at the Asian Civilisations Museum presents highlights from the over 130 treasured Chinese paintings, porcelains, and scholars' objects donated to the museum since 2000 by the Tan family. The exhibition includes paintings by modern Chinese masters Qi Baishi, Ren Bonian, Xu Beihong, as well as works made by artists in Singapore in the 1930s through the 1980s, when Dr Tan was building his collection. Living with Ink explores how Chinese art was appreciated by networks of overseas Chinese collectors and philanthropists, giving one a glimpse into the Singapore art world in the turbulent 20th century. 

Scholarly Treasures
8 November 2019–22 March 2020
Opens daily 10am–7pm
Fri 10am–9pm
Admission Fee Apply

Step into the shoes of a Chinese scholar, and have fun with the various artistic skills they had to pursue! Learn more about the brush, seal, paper, ink, and inkstone, and create your own Chinese hanging scroll artwork. Continue the exploration with Wen Wen, the art-collecting magpie, and embark on a journey through Dr Tan Tsze Chor’s amazing collection of Chinese art! Together with your collector’s trail, learn more about the life of Dr Tan, complete various hands-on activities, and discover fun facts about some artworks in the show.

Suitable for ages 7 and up.

A Pair of Horses, Xu Beihong. Image courtesy of Asian Civilisations Museum

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