AYN Nov 2021 – Visual Diary – Stories of a Neighbourhood
AYN Nov 2021 – Visual Diary – Stories of a Neighbourhood

AYN Nov 2021 – Visual Diary – Stories of a Neighbourhood


11 Nov (Thu) - 28 Nov (Sun)

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Visual Diary: Stories of A Neighbourhood
by Objectifs
What if you could see your neighbourhood in a new light – even if you’ve lived there for years? Catch a digital exhibition featuring visual stories from residents of ages 14 to 70 as they find joy and beauty in daily rhythms, buildings, animals, and people that shape their neighbourhoods.
Explore fragments of their days, taken with new perspectives, through their visual diaries created with the help of photographer Deanna Ng and multidisciplinary artist Marc Nair. Enjoy the exhibition, and who knows, like them, you may learn to notice something new in your repeated routines.
View the online exhibition (coming soon)
This exhibition is created by the community through a series of photography and creative writing workshops and curated by Objectifs.

About the Artists

Objectifs is a visual arts space in Singapore dedicated to film and photography. Established in 2003, they cultivate original voices in visual storytelling that inspire and broaden perspectives. Through the year, Objectifs presents exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks, mentorships, and residencies that foster dialogue about visual culture, and advance the practice and appreciation of photography and film.
Deanna Ng is a photographer and educator.

Marc Nair is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist.


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