[Nodes] Arts@SAFRA: Owl of Time by Didier Ng
[Nodes] Arts@SAFRA: Owl of Time by Didier Ng

[Nodes] Arts@SAFRA: Owl of Time by Didier Ng


14 Mar (Sun) - 17 Apr (Sat)

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Owl of Time
An art installation by Didier Ng
Sun 14 Mar – Sat 17 Apr

Representing change and adaptation, Owl of Time is created with used cardboard boxes, electronic wastes and community-crafted fallen leaves. As we tide through the pandemic, we should reflect on the amount of waste created due to the increase in delivery orders and reduce! The owl signifies that we shall grow wiser through tough times and changes.

About Didier Ng:
Didier Ng is an eco-artist. Her works are based on creative upcycling of waste materials, turning them into a varietal of practical products or asesthetic artworks. She has been commissioned by numerous schools, communities, companies and tv productions, both locally and overseas.

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