AYN Nov 2020 – The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing
AYN Nov 2020 – The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing

AYN Nov 2020 – The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing


12 Nov (Thu) - 29 Nov (Sun)

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Jalan Besar Town Council (Wall facing Geylang Bahru)

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The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing by Elly Oldman (France)
It all started back in the Spring of 2017 with a crazy idea from young French illustrator Elly Oldman: stuck in her bed following an accident, she embarked on the creation of an endless drawing on Instagram:

200 Instagram posts, 15 meters of drawing and 18,000 followers later, she now works with French production company Electroni[k] on the creation of a giant and evolving interactive fresco, mixing drawing and augmented reality.

First exhibited at Rennes festival Maintenant, a festival dedicated to arts, music and new technologies, the fresco has come to Singapore this November, displayed on a wall in the Geylang Bahru neighbourhood like a giant puzzle. It tells an offbeat and almost philosophical tale with a universal ecological and environmental message, through a story of a girl and a robot where parallel worlds collapse one after the other and what is done to repair one threatens to make the others disappear.

Bring the family to the wall mural and scan the QR code for a fun Augmented Reality activity where the panels come to life, with additional animated illustrations by Singaporean artist Tobyato!

This programme is held in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Singapore and in conjunction with Voilah! Festival.

About the artists

Elly Oldman is a French illustrator from Rennes, known for embarking on the creation of an “endless
drawing” as an illustration project on Instagram (La Grande Histoi redu dess in sans fin,
@theinfinitedrawing). She has since taken part in numerous multi-format collaborations and various exhibitions.

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