AYN Nov 2020 – Jazz For Kids – Hello Humpty!
AYN Nov 2020 – Jazz For Kids – Hello Humpty!

AYN Nov 2020 – Jazz For Kids – Hello Humpty!

Jazz For Kids – Hello Humpty! hosted by Dwayne Lau
Jazz for Kids – Hello Humpty! is an interactive music performance that introduces our little ones to the wonderful world of jazz music. Audiences are exposed to rich harmonies and exciting rhythms while learning simple lessons about life in this 30-minute programme presented by a live jazz band. Join us as we make friends with a kindly stranger and discover this thing we call “jazz” through original tunes and child-friendly classic jazz numbers. We promise you’ll have a swingin’ time!

Parents are encouraged to guide their children as we navigate this musical journey.
Suitable for ages 3-8.

About the artists
Hummingbird Music is a boutique music house that produces and curates live music experiences. The Hummingbird brand was first founded in 2013 by Creative Producer / Composer / Arranger / Educator Felix Phang and Vocalist / Songwriter Dawn Wong, specialising in Concept Bands like 1930s Shanghai Jazz outfit, The Shanghai Jazz Club, Caribbean Steel Pan group Pan Cats and Gypsy Jazz inspired trio The Lost Tribe. Over the years, Hummingbird has earned a reputation for its unique products and dedication to quality.

About the host
Join local actor/singer Dwayne Lau as he hosts Invisible Invincible, Jazz For Kids, and A Bitesize of Astronomy in a mini-series for kids every Sunday of AYN!

Dwayne has appeared on shows such as Forbidden City, Portrait of an Empress, HOTEL, Treasure Island, Liao Zhai Rocks and A Singapore Carol etc. He has staged two sold-out cabarets A Date With Dwayne and #GOALS, as part of the FLIPSIDE FESTIVAL 2019.

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