[Arts in Your Neighbourhod] Off Cuts Tea House by HF/DF

[Arts in Your Neighbourhod] Off Cuts Tea House by HF/DF

Take shelter in a place of meeting and contemplation within cosmopolitan Singapore, in this Japanese tea-house made entirely out of recycled and repurposed plastic, steel and wood off-cuts. The tea-house is made to measure the same as an HDB Bomb Shelter – a consistent unit across the island. Enter the space, brew a cup of tea and contemplate nature through a single window and the urban city through the other.
A commission forArts in Your Neighbourhood, in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council.
This programme is in conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2019.
HF/DF is an interdisciplinary collaboration between artist Gerald Leow and design studio In the Wild. They create spatial experiences, three dimensional objects and installations that intersect between the fields of art and design. All objects are uniquely created within the artist’s studio, a city fabrication lab that embodies interdisciplinary thinking, making and exploration.

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