The Almighty Sometimes [Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)]
The Almighty Sometimes [Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)]

The Almighty Sometimes [Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)]


25 Nov (Fri) - 25 Nov (Fri)
26 Nov (Sat) - 26 Nov (Sat)

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Friday, 20:00 - 20:00

Saturday, 15:00 - 15:00, 20:00 - 20:00


Preview (8 & 9 Nov 8pm): S$55, S$50
Standard (Mon-Wed 8pm, Sat 3pm): S$65, S$60
Peak (Thu-Sat 8pm): S$70, S$65


KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT


The Almighty Sometimes

A heartfelt family drama about love, life and letting go, no matter what the consequences may be

Anna has been on medication for so long she can’t remember who she is without it. All she knows is that once, as a little girl, she was a prodigious writing talent, in possession of a thrilling imagination.

Now twenty-one, Anna wants to rediscover the talent and passions she believes were interrupted. She wants to know what life would be like without pills and prescriptions, but as Anna tries to find out who she really is, her mother, remains determined to protect her – but Anna’s treatment is no longer her decision.

Kendall Feaver’s multi-award-winning play The Almighty Sometimes is a heartfelt family drama about loving someone with a mental illness. An intelligent and honest take on the difficult choices parents make in a child’s best interests, and what happens when you no longer have a say.

Brilliantly written, The Almighty Sometimes is an unflinching, exhilarating ride, filled with humour, pain and a little bit of magic.

“A funny, heartbreaking, acutely alive play” – ★★★★ The Guardian

“This is a play that says ‘we need to have a serious talk about the way we’re handling this mental health crisis’ but it also reaches out and holds your hand.” – ★★★★ Time Out

“This fine, ferocious play about mental illness and how we treat it, is  sharply observed, drily funny and compassionate, as well as alert to the cruelty we often inflict on those we love most” – ★★★★ The Times

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