Art of Writing One Act Plays (Online) by Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC)
Art of Writing One Act Plays (Online) by Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC)

Art of Writing One Act Plays (Online) by Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC)


4 Jun (Thu) - 23 Jul (Thu)

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About this Workshop According to the wise words of award-winning American playwright David Mamet, \"Anybody can write a good story. Not everyone can write a good sentence.\" This online workshop will be a hands-on and interactive study into how an idea can be skillfully spun into a compelling play or film. You will be learning how masters of the craft such as Mamet, August Wilson, Aaron Sorkin and Christopher Nolan, breathe life into their writing and study their rationale behind some of the screenplay choices that make them the geniuses of screenwriting we have come to know and love! By the end of the lesson, you will not only finally manage to pinpoint why you love one movie and are able to watch it endlessly, and hate another but also acquire the skill of writing that elusive, good sentence. Who is the workshop for? This workshop seeks to call upon anyone that hails from any background, from all levels and experience. We welcome actors, directors or anyone with the intention to pen down a story from the heart! Minimum age for admission is 13 and above. 8-session evening workshop with showcase. Every Thursday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm Dates: June 4th – July 23rd Online Showcase Date: On the week of July 20th, time TBC. About the Public Showcase The workshop culminates in a public reading of the plays that you have written over the duration of the course, by trained actors from the HCAC Alumni and others.

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