Vulnerable (An 8-part podcast)

Vulnerable (An 8-part podcast)

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17 Jun (Thu) - 31 Dec (Fri)

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In the second year of COVID-19, thoughts turn to new variants and vaccine safety. But for the most vulnerable amongst us, will it all be too little too late?

Witty and compelling, Vulnerable is Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips’ memoir of coping with pressures of a freelance career while trying not to let her congenital heart disease get in the way. Taking us through accounts of an unconventional childhood and the struggle to reduce her medical risk, Cheyenne invites us to consider our collective efforts, or lack thereof, in keeping each other safe.

Checkpoint Theatre’s latest 8-part podcast is personal history in the making, upending our notions of what it means to be courageous.

Launching on Spotify, SoundCloud & YouTube.

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