Voyage Festival
Voyage Festival

Voyage Festival

Join Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music alumni in explorations of sonic, urban, natural, imaginative and introspective worlds alike.

Boldly curated to imagine new possibilities for the classical music concert experience, Voyage offers a rich journey across musical eras and genres.

Embark on a musical journey across five concerts held over 26-27 Aug, featuring:
– Classical works from composers such as Igor Stravinsky and Ralph Vaughan Williams as well as Singaporean composers Tan Yuting and Chen Zhangyi;
– Forays into EDM and Chinese music;
– A family-friendly music concert designed to stir young imaginations and ignite their musical curiosities.

As YST celebrates its upcoming 20th anniversary, we are excited to cast our doors wide open to welcome you for music-making in full steam!

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