The Enigma of Colour and Form
The Enigma of Colour and Form

The Enigma of Colour and Form


8 Oct (Sat) - 20 Jan (Fri)

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Blk 6 Lock Road #02-10 Gillman Barracks


Artists will forever wrestle with the mystery of colour and form. In the past, artists were taught with a limited colour palette to make forms that mirrored reality in order to convince others of the subject they were depicting. The primary function of art was societal, and the individuality of the artists was marginal, which constrained their creative freedom. Today, not only do we have unlimited colours and materials at our disposal: artists in our contemporary time have the creative freedom to express themselves fully without judgment. The Enigma of Colour and Form showcases internationally renowned artists, focusing attention on the unprejudiced use of the two elements.

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