SOAR: A Devotion
SOAR: A Devotion

SOAR: A Devotion

Why do They persevere endlessly? What drives Their boundless perseverance?

Choreographed by Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Neo Jenny and Creative Director Benedict Soh, “SOAR: A devotion” (“SOAR”) is inspired by the legendary Huma Bird. In the Hindu scriptures, the Huma Bird is said to never come to rest, living its entire life flying in high sky, even when it lays its eggs. The only time it ceases its flight is when it dies.

In every trace of life, there is the pursuit of something. And that devotion comes not without bewilderment. How do we then unbind from the bemusement in our fight for flight?

Join us to witness how our Artistic and Creative Directors translate the spirit of the Huma bird into their vision for “SOAR” through the dance choreography.

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