SCO Music Kaleidoscope

SCO Music Kaleidoscope

Perfect 5th, perfect consonance.

In their relentless quest for perfection, five youthful musicians of Singapore Chinese Orchestra come together to form Perfect 5, a quintet of plucked and bowed strings that seeks to breathe new life into traditional classics and explore new repertoire. As part of their inaugural concert, they will perform their own arrangements of familiar classics like Dance of the Golden Snake, and Longing for the Spring Breeze, while Cultural Medallion recipient Law Wai Lun and Composer-in-Residence Wang Chenwei also lend their talents in new bespoke compositions like Vanda Miss Joaquim, tailor-made for their technical and musical prowess. Special lighting and video production further enhance the music for a scintillating multi-sensory experience. Get ready for the m

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