M/MPI: Reveries Meeting
M/MPI: Reveries Meeting

M/MPI: Reveries Meeting

P7:1SMA presents M/MPI 

Reveries Meeting / Khayalan Bersua

What makes a dream, a dream? A hope. A dark play. A library of distortion. A go at solving. A pursuit of tempo. A transformative portal. A unicorn, honestly. In no particular order: A chance collision of 7 artists unfurling their dreamscapes. 

Reveries Meeting / Khayalan Bersua is the first activation of M/MPI, an investigation into the world of dreams that span across many levels of consciousness. Each artist anchored by their curiosity of dream genesis, imagination, and meaning, perform simultaneously to create this serendipitous reverie. Guided by their individual instincts and awareness, this showing promises to be more than just a series of actions coming together in happenstance; collective dream in this world of dreams. 

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