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Cyborg Thinks


26 Jun (Sat) - 17 Jul (Sat)

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Cyborg Thinks is a collaborative art exchange project by Singaporean artists Jaxton Su and Lynette Quek, and South Korean artists Jieun Gu and Darae Baek, which examines the correlations between the cyber and physical world – their tools, contexts, and boundaries, in an attempt to form an archive of shared knowledge across Singapore and South Korea as the artists explore everyday human experiences and issues such as alienation, digital culture, urban development and environmental degradation. Supported by Arts Council Korea, Whale Cultural Foundation, UNIST, Science Walden, Tzu Chi HYC, and General Steelworks Pte Ltd., the project culminates into an exciting array of interactive installations, vibrant collages and immersive new media art at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre.

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